Beyond the workers’ compensation claim

Our clients rely on us to seamlessly manage the integration of third party liabilities that arise.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in subrogation actions, including direct litigation on novel reimbursement theories such as breach of contract.  We have represented and defended employers named as third-party defendants in civil cases arising out of work injuries for which compensation was paid.  Our understanding of the big picture of litigation practiced by our Firm’s civil litigation team allows us to shape how we handle the individual task at hand to maximize the global outcome for our clients

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Strategic handling of workers’ compensation claims

Our Firm resolves workers’ compensation matters throughout the State of Illinois.  We have a team of attorneys that understands that each case must be addressed on its own merits, and that while some cases may be resolved amicably others require mounting a full-scale defense.  The vast experience of our attorneys assures that clients are positioned to strategically address the most complex claims and to promptly and efficiently resolve routine claims.  Our careful analysis of the facts in each individual case provides for development of legal theories to at times support retroactive denial of accepted claims, and we have successfully incorporated those theories in proceeding to trial and securing Commission awards resulting in absolute denial of cases previously deemed compensable and, often, catastrophic.  We have handled numerous other catastrophic claims, working directly with third-party administrators and excess carriers to aggressively mitigate exposure by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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