Comprehensive experience in complex litigation

Our Firm’s defense practice includes one of the nation’s largest traffic control and pavement marking companies involved in some of the largest interstate and intrastate road projects. The third party liability claims we defend run the gamut on the injury spectrum and include catastrophic injury claims for which plaintiffs pursue each and every contractor along with the State, City and Municipality as owners of the roadway. We bring our comprehensive experience in the handling of complex litigation to the defense table urging the adoption of a cohesive strategy to use defense dollars wisely and minimize exposure.

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Construing and applying contractual indemnifications provisions

Tendering, rejecting and/or accepting a tender in accord with contractual indemnification provisions requires a multi-layer analysis of strategies involving business and legal decisions. Resisting a tender for actions believed to be outside the scope of a party’s undertaking of indemnification has risks. Our Firm has a deep level of knowledge and experience in the application and interpretation of insurance contracts and complex construction contracts. We are experienced litigators and bring well developed strategies to cases in which a party interprets an indemnification provision as a means to shift liability.

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Defending third party liability claims

Our defense of third party liability claims requires our team of attorneys to be well versed in the interplay of construction contracts, insurance policies and the often complicated relationships of owners, general contractors and subcontractors, as well as borrowing and loaning employers. We work closely with our clients in determining when and if indemnification clauses are triggered and how to respond when that potential exits -- whether our client is the indemnitee or indemnitor in any given situation.

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