Beyond the workers’ compensation claim

Our clients rely on us to seamlessly manage the integration of third party liabilities that arise.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in subrogation actions, including direct litigation on novel reimbursement theories such as breach of contract.  We have represented and defended employers named as third-party defendants in civil cases arising out of work injuries for which compensation was paid.  Our understanding of the big picture of litigation practiced by our Firm’s civil litigation team allows us to shape how we handle the individual task at hand to maximize the global outcome for our clients

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Construing and applying contractual indemnifications provisions

Tendering, rejecting and/or accepting a tender in accord with contractual indemnification provisions requires a multi-layer analysis of strategies involving business and legal decisions. Resisting a tender for actions believed to be outside the scope of a party’s undertaking of indemnification has risks. Our Firm has a deep level of knowledge and experience in the application and interpretation of insurance contracts and complex construction contracts. We are experienced litigators and bring well developed strategies to cases in which a party interprets an indemnification provision as a means to shift liability.

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Litigating complex business contracts

Complex business relationships, often governed by complicated agreements, sometimes go awry. Our lawyers understand business and appreciate that where litigation is necessary, it must be swift, precise and handled in a manner which causes the least disruption to the client’s operations. We also understand when there is a need to take a stand. Faced with allegations of intentionally violating an exclusive supply and distribution agreement involving unique products, we recommended a proactive approach to litigation, countersuing the plaintiff, and successfully defending our client’s business practices.

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Navigating the terrain of complicated business disputes

In yet another high-stakes matter, our litigation team successfully defended a suit seeking the entry of a preliminary injunction against a client for the allegedly unlawful use of a supposed proprietary process used for the extraction of cannabinoids from hemp plants. Balancing our client’s need to protect its own processes and technology with the federal court’s discovery mandates, required our lawyers to navigate through legal mine fields. Developing a record to demonstrate the fallacy an

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