Defending actions against municipalities challenging local ordinances

We have defended our municipal clients in cases challenging the constitutionality of local ordinances enacted for the health and safety of their citizens. Over the last couple of years, a Midwest law firm engaged in the filing of federal cases accusing various municipalities of violating the First Amendment through the enforcement of ordinances covering the number and locations unattended donation bins. Because the United States Supreme Court holds that donation bins are entitled to protection under the First Amendment and because legal fees are recoverable from the defendant in cases involving constitutional violations, the municipalities were faced with serious financial impacts. We defended these cases, worked with our dedicated city employees to draft compliant ordinances and negotiated consent decrees to end the litigation and cap the plaintiffs’ legal fees.

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Defending and protecting professional licenses

We defend our professional clients against complaints brought to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) by dissatisfied patients, customers and other agencies. Our experience extends to the most serious proceedings seeking licensure suspension and revocation (matters that may be further complicated by ancillary criminal exposure) to actions involving alleged infractions for which the Department seeks restitution and fines. Depending on the nature and history of violations, the proposed fines can have a crippling impact on businesses operating with limited profit margins. We work on behalf of our professional clients to minimize the financial impact and suggest creative ways to satisfy the Department.

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Litigating complex business contracts

Complex business relationships, often governed by complicated agreements, sometimes go awry. Our lawyers understand business and appreciate that where litigation is necessary, it must be swift, precise and handled in a manner which causes the least disruption to the client’s operations. We also understand when there is a need to take a stand. Faced with allegations of intentionally violating an exclusive supply and distribution agreement involving unique products, we recommended a proactive approach to litigation, countersuing the plaintiff, and successfully defending our client’s business practices.

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Navigating the terrain of complicated business disputes

In yet another high-stakes matter, our litigation team successfully defended a suit seeking the entry of a preliminary injunction against a client for the allegedly unlawful use of a supposed proprietary process used for the extraction of cannabinoids from hemp plants. Balancing our client’s need to protect its own processes and technology with the federal court’s discovery mandates, required our lawyers to navigate through legal mine fields. Developing a record to demonstrate the fallacy an

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Securing professional licenses to conduct business in Illinois

Our Firm also represents individuals and businesses in the often competitive and complex license application process required to do business in the State of Illinois. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) issues, regulates and rigorously enforces compliance for some 150 professions ranging from doctors to funeral directors, cosmetologists to dog groomers,

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