We are prepared to help businesses successfully navigate the nuanced areas of insurance coverage

The attorneys at Slavin & Slavin have not only been practicing insurance coverage law over the past 40 years but shaping it. Our firm has the unique experience of having formed and created the governing principles regarding various complex aspects of the field of insurance law. This vast amount of knowledge and experience in this field allows us to help professionals handle their insurance needs. Having dealt with issues such as self-insured retention and deductibles, triggering and interplay of multiple policies, and issues with additional insureds, our firm is able to tackle a professional’s insurance needs so that they may focus on their careers. The professionals that work with our Firm rely on us to assist them at all stages of the insurance process, including the review and interpretation of policies in order to identify the best policy for the professional and their career. Our Firm places an emphasis on handling issues in such a way as to improve the professional’s career and their future in their respective fields. Slavin & Slavin’s knowledge, experience, and professional relationships allow us to work with professionals to navigate the complexities of the insurance field so that they may continue to grow and develop their careers.