We know the results before any action is taken

Many professionals enter into various contracts throughout their career. Slavin & Slavin ensures that each of our clients are negotiating and enter into contracts that can best grow their career. Our Firm’s experience in the world of contracts allows us to anticipate what, if any, issues may arise in any given contract. This foresight allows us to prevent our clients from entering into contracts that may threaten or setback their careers. By assisting in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, exclusivity agreements, contracts for services, or any other type of contract, we ensure that each professional that we represent receives the best possible deal in each contract. Our Firm’s care and respect for our clients’ careers is why we work with our clients to understand what they are hoping to achieve in their profession. This focus on the individual allows us to better understand and obtain short and long-term results in each contract. Should any contract issues arise, our Firm quickly takes action to identify, analyze, and resolve the alleged issue so that our clients’ careers are unaffected. Slavin & Slavin prides itself on the relationships we’ve built by resolving the myriad of issues that can plague a professional and inhibit the growth and development of their careers.