Administrative Law/ Licensure Defense

We counsel our individual and business clients on the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of securing, maintaining and defending their professional and business licenses

Slavin & Slavin has developed a reputation of credibility with the various state and federal agencies resulting from our representation of clients endeavoring to meet the changing and often complex rules governing their businesses and licenses. We respect the oversight responsibilities of the agencies and are effective in getting the agency representatives to appreciate the business concerns.


From the application process, through license issuance, we are experienced in guiding our clients through the administrative labyrinths. Of great importance is our experience in addressing thereafter alleged violations and defending charges brought against our business clients and their licensees. Our lawyers appear regularly before various agencies including the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Illinois Department of Human Rights, Illinois Department of Agriculture, and many others. We represent clients during the investigative and mediation stages and at evidentiary hearings and have an excellent track record in mitigating fines and negotiating consent decrees where appropriate.

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