Our Efforts

Slavin & Slavin is committed to social justice and seeks to enhance the welfare of our community and our environment to create a better world for all.

Slavin & Slavin frequently participates in fundraising events, seminars, and health walks to raise funds and promote awareness of the risks of heart disease and strokes through the American Heart Association.

As a member of the Board of Directors for Threshold, Shari Slavin supports Thresholds endeavors to provide healthcare, housing and hope for thousands of people with mental illness and substance use disorders and inspires people with mental illness to reclaim their lives.

Jewish United Fund (JUF) amplifies their collective strength to make the world a better place – for everyone. Slavin & Slavin has been an active donor and participant in JUF efforts to assist people in need to overcome life’s challenges; transforming daily life for over 500,000 Chicagoans of all faiths and also advocating on key issues and providing humanitarian assistance for millions.