Workers’ Compensation

We appreciate the fiscal responsibility of our municipal clients and manage their workers’ compensation claims prudently

As municipalities have such a high number of employees, they often face an even larger number of workers’ compensation claims. This is especially true with the type of work municipal employees perform, with the increased risk of injury inherent in the job duties of police officers, fire fighters, and even park or road maintenance crews. This high volume of cases, all with various levels of complexity, is one reason why municipalities rely on Slavin & Slavin. Our Firm’s extensive experience in this area of law allows us to manage the voluminous number of claims a municipality must handle while balancing the municipality’s ability to effectively continue to perform its necessary services.


Municipalities take comfort in knowing that our Firm not only has the experience and knowledge to handle their claims successfully but also the passion and care for the overall success of the municipality. We recognize that unlike private businesses, municipalities are tasked with providing essential services for its constituents on a budget funded by those constituents. The success of a municipality is adjudged in the public eye as effectively spending those funds in a manner that best serves the constituents. This level of scrutiny is why our Firm not only resolves claims in the most cost-effective manner possible, but also actively works to prevent future claims. By monitoring case law and legislative developments, as well as identifying undue risk in current municipal operations, our Firm keeps our clients informed so that they can better perform the services they provide to their constituents. Whether it is resolving a claim, preventing claims, or preparing for upcoming legislation, our Firm works with municipalities to develop the best strategy to resolve their issues and achieve their goals.

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