Labor & Employment Law

The sensitive issues universally attendant to labor and employment matters are particularly acute in the public sector context

Transparency is an obligation of municipalities and other governmental agencies that may often complicate employment-related issues. We are called upon in the unfortunate situations where it is necessary to terminate the employment of a government employee. This brings an added dimension to that which we typically deal with in the private sector. Our lawyers understand that the eventual (and inevitable) public disclosure of separation agreements needs to be considered during the termination process and in the drafting phase.


Balancing the rights of its employees in the face of litigation against the municipality brought by third parties is another delicate undertaking. Our lawyers have had the honor of representing first responders named in lawsuits alleging negligence and intentional torts for their on-duty actions. These suits routinely involve intense scrutiny of the city and/or department employment practices and procedures. We have experienced litigators who bring their familiarity with labor and employment issues, their understanding of municipal operations and their strategic defense tactics to present.

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