Dedicated and experienced in serving the unique needs of municipalities

Over a decade ago, eight municipalities in Illinois were hailed as the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States. As they grew, so did their legal needs. It was for that reason that they sought out Slavin & Slavin. Our Firm’s experience, responsibility, and passion allowed us to appropriately represent their needs as they continued to grow. More than ten years later, these and other municipalities continue to rely on our Firm to achieve their goals whether by consultation, negotiation or litigation.


We work closely with our municipal clients to minimize their exposure in workers’ compensation matters. We assist in the recovery of losses paid by pursuing subrogation and other third-parties. Our lawyers keep our municipal clients timely apprised of ongoing developments in the legal and legislative fields providing them the opportunity to stay ahead of potential claims and litigation. This includes avoiding protracted litigation filed against municipalities and governmental agencies challenging existing laws and ordinances. Our experience and expertise in diverse legal areas allow us to inform and prepare municipalities to better serve their residents.

Practice Areas

Administrative Law/ Licensure Defense

Municipalities and their respective agencies have a constant need to monitor state and federal...

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Cannabis Law

While the state licensing requirements for businesses related to the hemp/cannabis field...

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Labor & Employment Law

Transparency is an obligation of municipalities and other governmental agencies that may...

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Tort Litigation

We are experienced in defending municipalities and their employees and actions...

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Workers’ Compensation

As municipalities have such a high number of employees, they often face an even larger...

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Insurance Coverage

Many of our municipal clients participate in risk pools to manage their claims and insurance...

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Our Purpose

We understand the accountability of

our municipal clients and provide legal

counsel to support the unique

obligations of governmental bodies.

Problems We Solve

Workers' Compensation

Beyond the workers’ compensation claim

Our clients rely on us to seamlessly manage the integration of third party liabilities that arise.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of...

Tort Ligitation

Construing and applying contractual indemnifications provisions

Tendering, rejecting and/or accepting a tender in accord with contractual indemnification provisions requires a multi-layer analysis of strategies involving business and legal...

Tort Ligitation

Defending actions against municipalities and their first responders

Our lawyers have ardently and successfully defended civil actions in state and federal courts involving allegations of excessive force and false imprisonment...

Cannabis Law, Tort Ligitation

Defending actions against municipalities challenging local ordinances

We have defended our municipal clients in cases challenging the constitutionality of local ordinances enacted for the health and safety of their...

Workers' Compensation

Strategic handling of workers’ compensation claims

Our Firm resolves workers’ compensation matters throughout the State of Illinois.  We have a team of attorneys that understands that each case...

Insurance Coverage, Tort Ligitation

Defending third party liability claims

Our defense of third party liability claims requires our team of attorneys to be well versed in the interplay of construction contracts...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Weeding through the complex Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

On May 29, 2019, the Illinois state legislature passed House Bill 1438 legalizing the recreational sale and use of cannabis beginning January...

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