Licensed Professionals

Knowledge and experience to secure, maintain and protect licensed professionals

We start from the beginning with our clients who are seeking to obtain coveted licenses to conduct business in Illinois. We provide direction and advice on the often onerous application process and are with our clients for challenges and complaints brought by individuals and the issuing agency. Our lawyers have a regular presence at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Most importantly, they begin with a reputation of honesty and integrity for our clients and the licensees.


Whether dealing with a newly created license such as that recently created by the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, or the long-standing licenses required for other regulated industries and professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to expedite the process. It is to be expected that consumers and other users of services will inevitably bring complaints to the licensing agency. We at Slavin & Slavin have a proven track record of avoiding suspensions and revocations and minimizing or eliminating fines.

Practice Areas

Administrative Law/ Licensure Defense

Slavin & Slavin has developed a reputation of credibility with the various state and federal...

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Cannabis Law

Illinois is a late bloomer as respects to its recent passage of Illinois’ Cannabis Regulation...

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Our Purpose

We guide our clients in the initial

licensure application phase and defend

them in disciplinary actions

instituted against those licenses.

Problems We Solve

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Securing professional licenses to conduct business in Illinois

Our Firm also represents individuals and businesses in the often competitive and complex license application process required to do business in the...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Weeding through the complex Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

On May 29, 2019, the Illinois state legislature passed House Bill 1438 legalizing the recreational sale and use of cannabis beginning January...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Defending and protecting professional licenses

We defend our professional clients against complaints brought to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) by dissatisfied patients, customers...

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