Workers’ Compensation

Our attorneys have a daily presence at the Workers’ Compensation Commission that has fostered a deep respect from arbitrators and opponents alike in Chicago and at venues throughout the State

The strength of our Firm has its roots in the defense of workers’ compensation claims. Our years of experience in the area of workers’ compensation litigation ranges from simple nuisance suits to catastrophic claims. We also bring an unparalleled level of experience in the ancillary areas of law impacting workers’ compensation matters such as retaliatory discharge, insurance and contract disputes, as well as subrogation opportunities. We put our clients’ business interests first in determining best practices for claims handling.


Our advice is not limited to the resolution of a particular claim, but extends to recommendations and maneuvers aimed at preventing and mitigating future claims. We are trusted advisors to our clients on matters which impact our clients’ exposure for workers’ compensation risks before any claim is filed. We are routinely called upon to counsel our clients on contracts involving risks of entering into loaning and borrowing employer relationships involving various fields of work. We are also consulted on best practices for policies and procedures relating to the reporting of claims to OSHA and other regulatory agencies to assure compliance. We work closely with our clients to monitor proposed changes in legislation to assure our clients’ businesses operate productively without fear of complications from amendments to legislation.


We have settled issues before the filing of a claim, and we have litigated claims up through the Illinois Appellate Court. No matter what workers’ compensation issue our clients may face, our Firm will bring it to a satisfactory resolution while simultaneously preparing our clients’ businesses for future success.



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