Tort Litigation

We evaluate, develop, and execute advanced and personalized litigation strategies

With over forty years of trial practice, our litigators epitomize advocacy in the truest sense. Our experience covers the spectrum of cases involving moderate injuries to those of a catastrophic nature, including death. We have a long history of effectively handling claims and cases which may present with a strong probability of liability and questionable damages or limited liability and excessive damages.


We appreciate that our clients expect an honest assessment of their exposure. We also appreciate that they expect zealous, but tailored representation to protect their interests. We confer with our clients at the earliest point in time to develop a litigation strategy focused on the ultimate issues of liability and damages. Because the facts drive the law, we work closely with our clients--relying on their expertise in the field in which the claim occurred--to determine the most prudent avenue to marshal those facts. We understand the need to be sufficiently nimble in our approach so as to adapt to the facts as they develop over the course of litigation.


Our experience serves to keep us focused on the crucial issue of the client’s exposure and to avoid traveling down the proverbial rabbit hole in pursuit of inconsequential matters. We wisely use the art of motion practice to streamline the actual issues and to bring dispositive motions at the earliest and most practical moment. We understand the toll that litigation takes on our busy clients and we endeavor to limit the scope of issues and the number of persons necessary to carry out the strategic plan.


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