Labor & Employment Law

We counsel our clients on issues of hiring and firing, voluntary leaves and overtime, discipline and discharge, and workplace practices and procedures

Slavin & Slavin prides itself on having a true appreciation of the relationship between employers and employees and the need to handle employment issues wisely. More than any other issue relating to business, employment matters impact the overall operation and morale. Precedents can be set unwittingly by employers endeavoring to be accommodating and employers are best served when they anticipate the potential impact of their decisions.


We also bring our extensive knowledge of the statutory and regulatory schemes covering the employment relationship Our experience with regulatory agencies having oversight of employment issues allows us to advise clients on the likely course of administrative proceedings and potential exposures. Terminating the employment relationship brings another set of issues beyond just compliance with various rules and regulations. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting separation agreements to withstand challenge.


Our Firm’s background of employment issues arising in the loaning and borrowing employer context is unparalleled. From rendering advice on the governing contract for services between loaning and borrowing employers, to bringing or defending actions regarding those relationships, we are qualified advisors and litigators. Our extensive background in workers’ compensation matters lends credence to our efforts to bring subrogation actions under the applicable provisions of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

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