Insurance Coverage

We bring unparalleled knowledge concerning the operation of insurance policies and programs

The attorneys at Slavin & Slavin have over four decades of experience in the area of insurance coverage. We have been at the forefront of insurance law and have pioneered and shaped the law surrounding some of the complex legal issues such as trigger of coverage and the interpretation of exclusions. Our Firm’s unique experience with insurance allows us to assist clients at any stage in their insurance coverage query and especially at the critical moments of determining defense obligations and opportunities. Some of the areas in which our lawyers are eminently qualified to give expeditious advice include:

  • Application of self-insured retentions and deductibles
  • Scope of defense and indemnity obligations
  • Impact of reservation of rights
  • Triggering and interplay of multiple policies
  • Determination of exhaustion of policy limits
  • Coverage for named/additional insureds

We bring unparalleled knowledge of the operation of insurance to any business dispute or claim. This enables us to advocate for the triggering of defense obligations or to recommend the tenders of claims to others where appropriate.

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