Contract Disputes

Our experience allows us to anticipate, analyze and advise on best practices to minimize the advent of contract disputes during the business relationship

Slavin & Slavin works with its clients to negotiate, draft, and review the various types of contracts fundamental to their individual business endeavors. We understand that our clients must weigh risk against opportunity and we assist them in discussing the best ways to mitigate the potential for loss. This may be by better definition of the roles of the parties to the contract or by limiting the scope of risk-shifting and indemnification provisions.


We are routinely called upon to counsel our clients on contracts involving risks of entering into loaning and borrowing employer relationships involving various fields of work. We work closely with our clients to monitor proposed changes in legislation to assure our clients’ contracts with other businesses are compliant with the latest regulatory enactments.


When contract disputes between businesses arise we are exceedingly experienced to appreciate that a ‘scorched earth’ litigation approach may not be the best strategy. While negotiated resolutions may generally be a desirable goal, we are experienced litigators when faced with a recalcitrant party. The judges presiding over the courts in Cook County (one of the largest unified court systems in the world) have recognized that protracted litigation is bad for people doing business in Illinois. As a result, we have a separate commercial calendar to which approximately ten judges are assigned to adjudicate disputes arising from business relationships. Our lawyers practice on a near daily basis in the commercial division which gives them an in-depth understanding of the preferred procedures of each judge and the ability to streamline litigation.


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