Administrative Law / Licensure Defense

From one profession to another; our lawyers are committed to protecting other licensed business professionals

Slavin & Slavin has a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures of administrative agencies, both statewide and at the federal level. This understanding comes from the extensive experience our Firm has in handling issues in front of a variety of different administrative bodies, including Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Illinois Department of Human Rights, Illinois Department of Agriculture, and many others.


Our Firm’s experience in this area of law allows us to assist clients in navigating the often onerous requirements to secure a professional or business license. We counsel our clients to recognize the scope and power of these governmental agencies in issuing, denying, and controlling the circumstances under which a license may be impacted.


It is by way of mutual respect, between our attorneys and the respective agency representatives that we are able to successfully navigate the administrative requirements and to negotiate resolutions where violations are asserted. Our involvement spans the entire process, from crucial licensing matters through the defense of disciplinary actions and mitigation of penalties inherent in various proceedings. We are licensed professionals in the business of advocating for other licensed business professionals.

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