Considered and candid advice whether in the boardroom or courtroom

For more than 20 years, Slavin & Slavin has had the privilege of serving its business clients in an array of matters including defending and mitigating awards for work-related injuries; litigating civil actions sounding in tort and general liability; navigating the thorny issues of insurance coverage; authoring, tweaking and defending commercial contracts; advising on best practices concerning employment issues and procuring and defending professional licenses for the traditionally regulated occupations as well as the newest area of cannabis and CBD businesses.


We understand that our clients retain the heavy burden of making the ultimate decision to undertake business opportunities— undertakings that naturally pose opportunity and risk. Our experience assists the decision-makers in evaluating and managing those risks and our clients rely on our candor and honest assessments whether in the boardroom or in the courtroom. We are zealous advocates and prudent advisors always working in partnership with our clients’ decision-makers.


We have our finger on the pulse of legislative and administrative actions posing potential consequences for our clients. Whether it is blockbuster legislation such as the legalization of recreational Cannabis or a more discreet change in the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act, we are watchful and prepared to engage with our clients to take timely advantage of new opportunities and ensure compliance with new regulations.


Our lawyers routinely litigate in state and federal courts and advocate daily at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. We have a notable presence in these forums ensuring that we are well-informed and well-versed in matters affecting our clients’ interests.

Practice Areas

Administrative Law / Licensure Defense

Slavin & Slavin has a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures of administrative agencies...

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Cannabis Law

The explosion of fields related to hemp/cannabis is bringing unique business opportunities ...

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Contract Disputes

Slavin & Slavin works with its clients to negotiate, draft, and review the various types...

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Insurance Coverage

The attorneys at Slavin & Slavin have over four decades of experience in the area...

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Tort Litigation

With over forty years of trial practice, our litigators epitomize advocacy in the truest...

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Workers’ Compensation

The strength of our Firm has its roots in the defense of workers’ compensation claims...

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Labor & Employment Law

Slavin & Slavin prides itself on having a true appreciation of the relationship between...

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Our Purpose

We provide legal knowledge and tools

for our business clients to do what

they do best.

Problems We Solve

Contract Disputes, Workers' Compensation

Beyond the workers’ compensation claim

Our clients rely on us to seamlessly manage the integration of third party liabilities that arise.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of...

Insurance Coverage, Tort Ligitation

Comprehensive experience in complex litigation

Our Firm’s defense practice includes one of the nation’s largest traffic control and pavement marking companies involved in some of the largest...

Contract Disputes, Insurance Coverage, Tort Ligitation

Construing and applying contractual indemnifications provisions

Tendering, rejecting and/or accepting a tender in accord with contractual indemnification provisions requires a multi-layer analysis of strategies involving business and legal...

Cannabis Law, Contract Disputes, Tort Ligitation

Litigating complex business contracts

Complex business relationships, often governed by complicated agreements, sometimes go awry. Our lawyers understand business and appreciate that where litigation is necessary...

Cannabis Law, Contract Disputes, Tort Ligitation

Navigating the terrain of complicated business disputes

In yet another high-stakes matter, our litigation team successfully defended a suit seeking the entry of a preliminary injunction against a client...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law, Contract Disputes

Securing professional licenses to conduct business in Illinois

Our Firm also represents individuals and businesses in the often competitive and complex license application process required to do business in the...

Workers' Compensation

Strategic handling of workers’ compensation claims

Our Firm resolves workers’ compensation matters throughout the State of Illinois.  We have a team of attorneys that understands that each case...

Insurance Coverage, Tort Ligitation

Defending third party liability claims

Our defense of third party liability claims requires our team of attorneys to be well versed in the interplay of construction contracts...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Weeding through the complex Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

On May 29, 2019, the Illinois state legislature passed House Bill 1438 legalizing the recreational sale and use of cannabis beginning January...

Administrative Law/Licensure Defense, Cannabis Law

Defending and protecting professional licenses

We defend our professional clients against complaints brought to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) by dissatisfied patients, customers...

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